Saturday, August 23, 2014

#TravelTuesday: Pura Vida Costa Rica #tripofalifetime!


Pura Vida - Pure Life, it's what the Costa Ricans live by. Last month I was in Costa Rica leading a #tripofalifetime for a bunch of grad students from Canada in a place just outside the city of Liberia for the company S-Trip! It may sound tedious having to watch out for a bunch of drunk 17/18 year olds who just graduated but I have to say I actually really enjoyed myself despite the lack of sleep. The students ended up being some of the coolest people and for the most part they were pretty well behaved. Of course there was all the things you expect like sneaking out after hours, changing rooms, super drunk ramblings, cuts, scrapes and even some bee stings (myself included on that one) but overall it was a solid group of around 150.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#TravelTuesday: Top 5 Places I've Visited


Last week I brought you my Top 5 Places I Want To Visit so I only thought it was fitting to now tell you my top 5 places I've already visited and why I love them! If after this list you aren't satisfied and want to take a look at ALL the places I've visited you can check out my Travel Bragging page. I usually keep this page up to date as to where I am, where I've been, where I'm going next.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#TravelTuesday: The Top 5 Places I Want To Visit

Painting by Michael Tompsett

I'm now counting the days until I move to Dubai on July 24th and I thought it would be fun to fantasize about all the places I'm going to be flying to and what my top 5 desired destinations are! To be clear this is a list of places I haven't yet been to. I've been very blessed to have traveled quite a bit in my life and if you want to see the full list of where I've been you can do so HERE.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Life of a Nomad - Big Announcements, Growing Older and Moving

spend your life doing strange things with weird people

Well, it has certainly been a while since I last did a post. I apologize. Sometimes I get caught up in life and forget how much I love writing. Let's do some catch up, shall we? There is a LOT to cover.

Last time I left you I was living in the Big Apple, the city where dreams are made of, New York! I had an absolutely amazing time. I never thought I would live in New York, it didn't strike me as my kind of place but I'm glad I had the experience. I made some amazing friends and look forward to visiting again but as far as living, I'm much happier not being there. I now live back in my home country of Canada in Toronto and love it, despite the horrid weather. The big plan was always to move here after Jessica and I finished our volunteering trip across the USA and I'm glad I've finally made it. I've only been here a short while but the moment I got into town I already felt more at home than I ever did in New York. There is something about being back in Canada that just lets me breathe again, like I'm not all strung out. Toronto is a beautiful city. It's large enough to keep me happy but also still has a small town feel to a lot of it because of all the funky artistic spaces.

Monday, December 16, 2013

My Interview With Financial Author Kate Northrup

Calan Breckon with Kate Northrup at the I CAN DO IT! event in New York

Last week I achieved what seemed to be a great feat in my life, I interviewed the author of "Money: A Love Story," Kate Northrup for my radio show Discovering Your Truth on YTP Radio. Since the show is still very much in its infancy stages with this only being its tenth show I was flabbergasted when Kate agreed to the interview. Doesn't it feel amazing when we breaking through those barriers we set up for ourselves in life and do something we never thought possible?