Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm a Psychic and Medium

Oh wow that's really scary (and exciting) to say. So last night I had a conversation with my dear friend Lisa who helped me realize something I've been thinking about doing for a long while. I had a huge headache yesterday and I asked her what her thoughts were and she said it was because there was imbalanced energy in me and so many people were trying to talk to me that it gave me a headache. When I say so many "people" I mean on ALL levels. She then went into letting me know that I need to be doing medium work and she's not the first person to tell me this. It's been a recurring thing for the past while now. I guess this is my proverbial coming out of the Psychic and Medium closet. As most know I've very open about being spiritual, but most don't know I do Psychic and Medium work. I've been happy in my "comfort zone" of not broadcasting it to the world but I've now realized that doing that is getting me no where, very fast. I'm finally ready to start offering my gifts and services to those whom wish to utilize them. Does this scare me, YES! But in keeping with my beliefs I have to break through all those layers of "I'm not good enough" stuff if I'm ever going to be truly happy in my life. As of today I am ready and willing to start helping people in changing their lives through my Psychic and Medium work.

If you wish to arrange a session with me you can find all the needed information on my Psychic Readings Page. I'm located in the Vancouver Greater Lower Mainland area with the ability to travel throughout.

Always with Gratitude,

Gratitude journal of the day...
I'm grateful for...
1) Lisa, thank you for kicking my butt in the right direction
2) Days off work that are productive
3) My amazing support system of friends and family
4) Green smoothies for breakfast, mmmm
5) Getting out of my comfort zone!