Saturday, June 02, 2012

Call to Kelly Clarkson

I am LOVING my life lately! So many grate and amazing "coincidences" have been happening and I am just fine with that! You never know what life has lined up for you just around the corner. Well I was song writing with the amazingly talented Will Blunderfield yesterday (and WOW going so amazingly well!) and at the end we made this quick little video as another step towards my dream of writing and recording a single with Kelly Clarkson. The song is just a little fun tune that can easily get stuck in your head so I highly suggest you share is with EVERYONE you know! This is one of my biggest dreams and it's going to take more than just me to accomplish it. I would greatly appreciate the help of everyone who reads my blog to please blog, facebook, tweet, share in anyway this post and video! I need Kelly to know that I'm serious and wont stop until I achieve my dream! If anything you set your mind to is possible than so is this, right? It would be an ever more amazing dream if Ellen DeGeneres got involved to help my dream come true. Remember that your dreams are there for a reason. They are the things we want from life and the experiences we wish to have. You deserve to have amazing things happen in your life and for your dreams to come true so just take that first step to make it happen. Remember that as long as you're taking constant action eventually something will have to happen, it's the universal law. Now here is the video!

Gratitude journal of the day...
I'm grateful for...
1) People helping my dreams come true
2) The power of the internet
3) My belief that dreams really DO come true
4) My life! I LOVE MY LIFE!
5) Having finally booked my tickets for Denver in July!