Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm YTP Radio's Newest Host!

The universe really does have a way of setting you up for things beyond your wildest imaginations doesn't it? Last week I was just a traveling nomad, wandering across North America on my adventure of a lifetime doing what I could to inspire the people I met to live happy lives and now I'm a radio personality!

Through a series of events the creator of YTP Radio contacted me. Apparently he'd been following my blog for quite some time and loved how inspirational it is and what I stand for. Since he's in New York and I happened to be in the city he asked if I'd like to meet and talk about the potential of working together. The moment we walked up and met each other I knew this was it. The stars had finally aligned and my life was about to take an amazing and crazy turn. We spoke about a lot of things that first day but the main thing was he wanted to take me and develop a show to go on after his current show "Wake Up New York."

In the YTP Radio Studio
Now we're working on developing a show but we have the basic rundown of how it will look. The show will be my own and be called rightly enough "Discovering Your Truth," in sticking with who I am and my personal branding and life philosophies. I'll have interviews with thought provoking people, musical guests, have great music playing as well as do in studio coaching sessions with callers working on their dilemmas and doing my best to guide them on their way. I'm sure it will grow and evolve but I'm very excited to be starting this new chapter in my life.

It's crazy, I never saw myself living in New York City but now I'll be walking through to process to make sure everything is legal and I can work and live here. It's an exciting prospect and reminds me a lot of when I live in London, England. I just followed my intuition when I moved there and I did the exact same traveling across North America to get to New York.

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I'm so excited for this new adventure to start and can't wait to share it with all of you!