Monday, November 18, 2013

My Conversation with @JordanBach on @YTPRadio

Today was the launch of my radio show "Discovering Your Truth" on YTP Radio and I was lucky enough to have the amazing life coach Jordan Bach on as my first guest. Jordan is such a sweet and genuine soul, it was so great getting to speak with him. We talked all about how he got his spiritual start, what he's working on as well as leaders who inspire him and tips about life.

I could go on and on about the show but I would much rather just have you listen. So click over to the downloadable version of the episode on or listen to it below!

I also want to hear back from all of you! You're the reason I'm doing this show afterall so I want to know your thoughts. Did you like the music? The topics we covered? Was there too much/not enough music? What other questions would you like to hear me ask? Is there things you really liked? Things you didn't really like?

I want to hear them all! I wont be able to grow if you decide to keep quiet. I promise that no matter what you say I will be grateful for it and take it as something I can grow from, so please let me know.