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THE FACTS: I’m Calan, a 28 year old travel bug who’s lived in London, England, backpacked Europe, adventured the west coast of North America, froze half to death in parts of Canada, competed in the Havana Club Gap Year Competition in Cuba, spent 6 months traveling North America doing volunteer work and Random Acts Of Kindness and now live in Dubai, UAE, working as a Flight Attendant. I've won modeling competitions, appeared in a DNA Magazine spread, been featured as the cover model for OUTLOOKS Magazine as well as a published writer (‘letters from’ section) in GT Magazine. I’m a travelling guy working on inspiring others and sharing my knowledge on how to create a life with more joy, happiness and success.
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Unlike other travel bloggers I have a background in business and marketing that gives me a leg up when it comes to working with travel companies. I know how it works on both sides of the spectrum and therefore have a respect and understanding for everyone involved while still staying true to my blog and personality. Currently I work as a flight attendant for the most international flight company in the world giving me access to many locations all over the world and allowing me to get there at practically no cost. I've done everything from programming for the North America Outgames 2011, speaking at Human Rights conferences, building and operating an LGBT non-profit organization to anti-homophobia and anti-bullying campaigns in high schools and blogging about it all for the past 4 years. I’m professional, ethical, spiritual, fun, produce quality content (with a focus on video blogging) and quite often I’m the life of the party. The key to being a successful blogger lies within knowing yourself, and I know myself inside and out. Only I can provide companies with this well rounded and unique approach.

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