My 30 Day Challenge: Day 11

It's OK to let people go. Sometimes we have people in our lives for a certain amount of time and then it's their time to go. Don't look at this like you're loosing a friend and that it's a horrible thing, it's never a horrible thing to have had a great friend in your life. Remember all the great times you shared together and all the lessons you may have learned from that person. Also it's never for ever, they may come back into your life at one point or another but it's all in the bigger picture of things. My belief is that we all sign karmic contracts before we come to this earth and anyone who comes in/out of your life is simply fulfilling their end of the contract. Despite maybe even having a very negative person in your life you should always try and dig deep into your soul to see the bigger picture. This person may be one of the triggers you needed in your life to push through something difficult. Had they not been there telling you that you couldn't do it, you may not have had such a strong desire to succeed and that amazing thing you accomplished may have never come into reality. It's the same with really close friends, they are in your life to teach great lessons if you're open to learning them. Once that friendship comes to a place where you have learnt those things its OK to move on. Think of it as allowing that person and yourself to move on to find new friends who are going to teach you even more lessons and make your lives that much better so that when you do see each other again your lives are that much richer. No matter how the friendship ends always remember to hold love for that person and their future. Life is too short for "what ifs," and "could have, should have, would have's," that we need to just have love for all the situations that are presented to us to make sure we are constantly living a happy and joyous life. 

Positive Affirmation of the Day: "I hold love for every situation I'm in."