My 30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Rejection is just the universes way of saying "there is something better just around the corner, just give me a minute." So today I had to swallow the bitter sweet pill of rejection from a program I had been holding high hopes for, well that right there was my first mistake. By me holding those expectations that I was going to get accepted into the program allowed for me to let negativity set in when I was rejected. After about ten minutes of thinking about it I just told myself "you know what, something better must be on it's way for those dates." I let go of my ego that was trying to convince me that I was more deserving to be part of the program over the people who had be chosen and this was also wrong. I am no better than any of those other people who got picked and now that I accepted a new perspective on it I see now that maybe those chosen needed it more than I did. By not holding on to expectation you allow greater things to come into your life and you also never suffer from negative thinking because you will constantly be allowing something better to come into your life. I'm now holding it in my mind that something better is on it's way for me and I look forward to whatever that something is. Even though we can see the future and want certain things the universe can see the future and knows that if we just allow it to work it's magic everything will be OK in the end. It can be a tough one to let go of those expectations sometimes but if you hold tight onto the fact that something better is coming then you can breath a little lighter and cut out unnecessary stress. There is always a bigger picture than we can see and if we spend too much time focusing on that one flower we want to grow we will miss the entire field of flowers that has blossomed up behind us.

Positive Affirmation of the Day: "Better things are coming."