My 30 Day Challenge: Day 18

"I am not your opinion of me, I am what I choose to be." I saw this quote today and I thought it was pretty empowering to read. It reminds us that we all have the choice in life to be who we want to be and not to let others tell us who we are. If you let others dictate your life I'm sure you wouldn't be 100% happy because you're not being true to yourself. Stand strong and let everyone know who you are, who you choose to be. Yes people will have their opinions of you and judge you but as long as you hold your head up high and look past it you will have the clearest view of your amazing future. No one else can tell you who you should be, that is your choice alone. Yes you have the choice to listen to those people but if you look deep within yourself to find out who you truly are I can assure you that you will lead a much happier life full of love and joy.

Positive Affirmation of the Day: "Only I get to choose who I am, not anyone else."