My 30 Day Challenge: Day 19

Embrace the journey that is your life. Don't get so wrapped up in things that you let your life pass you by. Take time out to stop and smell the flowers (which always smell nice by the way). Life is really what you make of it and it should be full of laughter and joy. Try to remember that yes we all have goals but it's not the actual goal that is the good part, it's the getting to that goal which is the best. You need to celebrate those little wins in life even if they aren't the end goal. Staying in that space of celebration will help you reach your goal with more happiness and less stress about it. Also when you look back you will be able to say you maybe worked hard but that you also enjoyed every minute of it.

Positive Affirmation of the Day: "It's the journey of my life that is the best part, not the end result."