Ask and you Shall Receive

Life just keeps getting better and I'm SO down for riding the wave! So I had a lot of back and forth with this tux thing for my concerts with the Vancouver Men's Chorus but today it all changed. Last night I had thought it got sorted, then not and THEN when I had finally given up again today the universe pulled through, AGAIN! Not only did I have 5 offers to have other members old/out grown tuxedos but I had two members anonymously offer to pay for me to get my own tux done! SO CRAZY! All because I broke down and finally ASKED for help from an organizing member who asked everyone and BAM! To say the least it's FULLY sorted out AND I get myself a new to me Tux of my own courtesy of the generosity of the members of the choir. WOW, how blessed am I to be involved with such and amazing organization with such amazing members! I was beaming from ear to ear today when e-mail after e-mail came in, so a BIG THANK YOU to you all! I'm not a full believer in "ask and you shall receive" as well as "I can always find a way to have both." So much to be grateful for every day.

Grateful Journal of today...
I'm grateful for...
1) The kindness of all the men in the Vancouver Men's Chorus
2) Catching up with my old friend Dayna
3) This new found fire that's burning in me to make my life MY life
4) Putting my words into action and creating a financial management system for myself in my bank! It's my first step of learning to manage my money and not mis-manage it any more.
5) The support system I have around me, I'm so blessed :)

I leave you today with a song! Heard this one and thought it was perfect for what I'm currently learning and working on in my life. Listen to the lyrics carefully, enjoy!