Be Wise

I've been finding myself day dreaming about wanting to change "things" or "situations" and imagining what my life would look like if they moulded to my desires. Well I just had a realization, as I often do, that I didn't like but I knew to be true. I realized that the only way to change ANYTHING is to change myself. Every thing on the outside and around me is a reflection of the inside. The only way to change the outside is to change the inside. I mean, I knew this and I have always known this but it doesn't stop me from having those desires of change. I had to get really clear with myself about what I was thinking about and why what I wanted wasn't yet part of my reality. Well the reason is because I'm addicted to my story and the fact that I'm always almost there but it's always just beyond my reach. I no longer want to live this story, I want to change my story to one of success and achievement! So I'm now looking inside of myself to see what it is I need to change in order to start telling my new story. What needs to change is the story I'm telling and the words I'm using. I'm now going to make a conscious effort to only use positive words to describe my life and what happens in my life. I'm going to start snapping my band a little harder to remind myself to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. Instead of my dreams being "dreams" I'm going to make them a reality and put action behind my desires! It's time to take the steps and get uncomfortable so that I can move out of my comfort zone and into my dream come true zone. I encourage all of you to do the same thing! Take those first steps to make your dreams happen, even if they're just baby steps. You know why? Because nothing can happen if acting isn't taken, only nothing can come from nothing so give it something!

Always with Love,

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Gratitude Journal of the day...
I'm grateful for...
1) My loving phone call today with Priscilla, thank you for being my mirror and leaning support beam.
2) The gift and strength of moving forward into the unknown even though it scares me.
3) The decision I made to write out a plan and STICK TO IT!
4) Oprah's Life Classes! Such beautiful lessons.
5) My bed, for always being there to hold me with no questions asked <3