The Power of Commitment

YES! Commitment is amazing if you're willing to let your fears go about ACTUALLY committing to something! So many of us are afraid of this word for some reason or another and I say ENOUGH! What is it that you really want from your life? Can you see it, can you visualize it? Well let me ask you, if you can see it, and you can feel it in your bones, then WHY haven't you committed to getting it? Fear. Debilitating, heart stopping, eye widening fear. When you let fear drive the car it will take you no where because fear is to scared to even turn on the engine! You have the power in you to do whatever you choose, seriously. Allow yourself to dream, allow yourself to think BIG and then make a commitment to yourself that you WILL do whatever you can on a daily basis to make that dream come true. One of my favourite quotes is "Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we make of it," and I truly believe this. Look deep in yourself for that magical place where anything can happen, almost like going back to childhood. As a child we thing everything is possible! It's not until we "grow up" that we start to believe this is not true, but that is a BELIEF you have, not actual truth. If you see someone who has something you want but don't believe it's possible you HAVE to be wrong, know why? Because that other person had it in the first place for you to want it so clearly they found a way and made it happen which means YOU can find a way to make it happen. You just have to have the commitment to follow through until the end. Don't give up when things get hard because you will never finish anything that way. Yes things may be hard but that's what makes them worth while! If it was easy to, lets say get rich, EVERYONE would be rich because it would be easy. So commit, commit to yourself, commit to your future and commit to the fact that you ARE worth it. Make it happen.

Grateful Journal of today...
I'm grateful for...
1) Being invited to lunch with Greg and Melanie tomorrow! (going to be SO awesome!)
2) The negative people around me who constantly remind me to stay positive so I don't turn into them.
3) Buckley's! I was fighting a bit of a cold and now it's almost gone :)
4) My new to me car Stella
5) My friend and mentor Kelly Glemnitz, you help keep a smile on my face :)