Stay in a Grateful Vibration

So today was a roller coaster kind of day but it was good! It challenged me to stay in my positive vibration even though things looked like they weren't going my way. In the end it all went my way so positiveness wins out again! So I will be going to Texas coming soon and I had looked at flights and thought they would be around $300 which was decent. I then waited to check on the flight deals I get because my recent ex has me on his partner pass still for this one last trip. Well in the beginning it looked like I wasn't going to be getting a deal because a different flight company operated that flight, uh oh, negative thoughts start in. So I look at flights again and they have gone up to $500 over night. Oh yea, feeling less than ideal but holding out in my love vibration that all will work out. In the end my ex ended up finding me an interline deal for $200! SO I ended up saving $100 from the original price I thought I was going to pay! SO GOOD! I love the UNIverse! Also today at work I wanted to pick up a night shift but in the dining room. Through a bunch of random happening I ended up being on the deck which is very less than ideal for me so I held true that someone would switch and BAM! Not 10 mins later my shift was switched and I was in the dining room. Ask and you shall receive my friends, seriously! The law of attracting just keeps working again and again for me and the more I see it and honour it the more it will happen!

Grateful Journal of today...
I'm grateful for...
1) Caleb finding me tickets for Texas for $200 round trip! SO GRATEFUL!
2) Making the amount I asked to make on my shifts at work today and got a little over time.
3) The awesome people I work with, they're really starting to grow on me :)
4) The $500 BONUS that was dropped into my account today, that was lovely.
5) Having food ready to eat when I got home that was SO good :)
6) The AMAZING message I got from my friend Michelle from England, love you and so sweet <3