Take a beat

So today was a "ME" day, and I very much enjoyed it. I have a tendency to go go go and never give myself a break. And what I mean by break I mean no phone, no computer, none of that stuff, just me and a good friend and the sun. Today I got some clear signs from the universe (and two friends) that I needed to take some "me" time today and just do things that brought me joy. SO I got together with my friend Priscilla and it was such a perfect day :) She really brought me back into myself and out of the funk of yesterday. As she is going through the same life transition as I am with a relationship ending on practically the same day it makes sense that we totally understand one another in this moment. It was really great being around someone who just got it from the same perspective as myself, it was like we were in each others brains. The beauty of this is that the other always says the things you're thinking but don't want to say, as in the things you don't want to admit. Being both very spiritual we take a vastly different approach than most people do when it comes to break ups and the divine path. It's great to have that physical reminder in the other person that the things I am feeling and thinking are real but that we have the power to change our thoughts. So today was a beautiful day, we ate, sat in a park and really worked on helping each other heal more. It's a day by day process but I defiantly foresee Priscilla and myself hanging out on a more regular basis as we both move through this part of our lives.

To top off my AMAZING "me" day, tonight at the Vancouver Men's Chorus performance of "Queen's" we had the honour of having the lovely and talented Mrs. Sarah McLachlan in the audience. After the show I had a chance to meet with her and she is such a kind woman. She told me she loved the show and what a wonderful job we all did, it was EPIC! Considering I'm seeing her perform on the 22nd of this month AND I all around LOVE her music! Truly blessed to be living my life!

Grateful Journal of the day...
I'm grateful for...
1) My beautiful mirror Priscilla and for the lovely day she co-created with me and for treating me to lunch <3
2) Taking a much needed "ME" day and break from life
3) Meeting Sarah McLachlan!
4) Having a few good realizations I needed to have
5) The sunny day that I got to enjoy :)

I now leave you with a lovely little ditty from the beauty herself, enjoy!