The Magnificence of Manifesting

Today I took a little trip down manifestation lane and picked out the vehicle I want to draw into my life. I already have the DESIRE for it and have also mapped out a plan and now it is time to start executing the plan. I'm a firm believer in manifestation and that which we put our attention on we draw into our lives. YES, even when "bad" things happen. In the case of my break-up I totally own up to manifesting that. One of my worst fears was that my ex was going to break up with me. Somewhere deep down inside of me was this feeling and unless I fully released it it was bound to come to fruition. And since breaking someone's heart was a fear living in me ex that I was aware of it was inevitable that we were bound to break up. We both were manifesting exactly what we had emotion and intention on. The mind cannot differ between "good" and "bad" feelings, only that there are feelings toward something so it goes to work and does its job drawing it in. Moving back to my manifesting I'm now putting all my attention toward those feelings which make me feel good and happy. People around me always ask how I can be so happy all the time and my response is that I can't afford to not be! If I allowed myself to feel those unhappy thoughts then I would in turn be drawing those things to me and I can't be having that. I feel like there is an energy about June (considering we just had Venus in transit!). I feel as if something big is going to shift for me and the building blocks that have slowly been coming into place for me will all finally start sliding into their final positions. So with my desire set, my plan made out I am going to embark on manifesting and putting my plan into action. It's going to be an interesting next few weeks and I can't wait to see what comes about!

With Gratitude,

My Gratitude journal of the day...
I'm grateful for...
1) having my tickets for Vision Vancouver!
2) the little reminders the universe sends me about staying grateful
3) Meditation <3
4) Educational TV (like the history channel!)
5) Reading books