We're on a Timebomb

I'm dancing like it was the last dance of my life! Wow this week has been crazy, awesome, amazing! I can't even begin to explain how great I feel every morning that I wake up so excited to see what the day will bring me. Today I'm going to talk about living life to the fullest. As you can see I'm loving the new Kylie Minogue song "Timebomb" because it's just so fun and has a great message behind it. We don't know what the future holds and we can't do a darn thing to change the past so why do we loose sleep over these two things? The only thing that we have is the present moment, so live in it! I know we all have things we wish had happened differently in our past but the the fact of the matter is had those things not happened you wouldn't have learnt the lessons from it and it would have had to happen eventually in a different way for you to learn that lesson in life. Remember to look at those things with kind eyes and be grateful for them because they had a hand in shaping the person you are today, and we love the person you are today. As for the future, none of us (even us psychics) know exactly what's in store for us. It's all relative to the moment and the energy the person is carrying in that moment. If you shift into a different energy then that shifts and alters your path according to it. All we can do is hold the positive mind set that everything is going to be perfect just the way it happens and that every moment was meant to happen the way it happened. I love saying this but in hind sight we all understand or see why things happened the way they did but we don't have hind sight for the future, what we do have though is faith. Faith is the key to having the desired future in which you want. You must have unwavering faith in what you believe for it to come true. It's like a plant in the desert. If you water your plant it starts to sprout and grow the more you tend to it, if you take your attention away and go off then it is bound to wither and die. Had you not been impatient and saw it through until the flower finally popped out you would have found it to be beautiful. Since you stopped though thinking that it's taking to long so it must not be happening the plant withered and died. You must constantly keep your desires in mind and in a positive way that it WILL happen! Just be patient.

Always Grateful,

My Gratitude journal of the day...
I'm grateful for...
1) My Dad! Happy Fathers day!
2) My Mom! It was her birthday on Friday :)
3) The amazing group of people who are manifesting around me to build this amazing support group of love!
4) Being able to help and support other people on their journeys.
5) Great music!