Learn to Dream Again

So I'm here to be that little kick in the butt you all might need. I'm going to remind you what it means to dream and to let yourself be taken away. I myself thought I was pretty good at dreaming and making things happen until I realized I was missing a major ingredient to make that cake. Physical vision! WOW! I didn't know how powerful it was until I stumbled onto a website that took my breath away. It had all these amazing photos of spectacular places all over the world. All I kept thinking was how I needed to see these places with my own eyes in person. Some of them I actually had already seen like Venice, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey. While I was looking over these photos such a feeling of joy came over me that I couldn't even explain it. It's like when you're a kid and you think anything is possible, that tingly feeling you have and you have a grin as big as your face. That's what all these photos were bringing out in me. 

Igloo Village - Hotel Kakslauttanen Saariselkä, Finland.
I dream of sleeping under the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights)
in an igloo cause that would be epic

Far too many of us have forgotten what it really means to dream and I want to make it my goal in life to teach you all how to dream again, to open the flood gates of joy and remember that it's your life to do what you want with it. We all get stuck in our day to day on autopilot and forget to take a moment for ourselves during the day. It's important to know that if you want to do anything in your life you must VISUALIZE yourself doing that thing! It's great thinking about it but what really gives you those goose bumps of joy is looking at some amazing photos of the place/thing you want to do. I've incorporated a few photos of the places I want to travel and things I want to do in my life. The reason you may not think your dreams can come true is because you're not putting ACTION to your thoughts! In order for a dream to come true and for the universe to bring you what you long for you must put ACTION into play. A soccer player may dream of scoring the winning goal but if he just stands their dreaming about making the goal instead of actually doing it the goal can never happen. It's the same principal for your dreams. If you're just standing there hoping for them to happen then good luck to you, because it's never going to happen. You must be willing to put in effort for that which you want. Even baby steps every day will help set you on the right path.

Riomaggiore, Italy.
I've actually been here and it was worth everything for it.
When I was young I saw this place on TV, didn't remember
what it was called, then when backpacking Europe I ended up
here and my jaw dropped, my dream had came true and I didn't
even realize it was happening. So keep faith.

Once you make a clear decision and choice to follow your dream NO MATTER WHAT the universe somehow finds ways to move mountains for you. The impossible becomes possible when you make a distinct choice and stick with it. All of us are capable of achieving our dreams. I know this because someone, somewhere else in the world has probably already attained what you wanted. If they can do it so can you. The only reason you're where you are and not where you want to be is because you may be suffering from "Excusitis." You find every reason in the book to explain why you don't have what you want instead of just getting off your butt and getting what you want! "I'm to old, I'm too young, I don't have any money, I'm not smart enough," GET OVER YOURSELF! You are the one CHOOSING to believe those things about yourself and choosing to give them power. What would happen if you just chose to no longer think you were to old, young, poor, stupid to get what you wanted? What a revolutionary thought! You seriously have all the power in your hands to get whatever it is you want. So learn to dream again! Let your imagination run wild with wonder. The only way those things will ever happen is if you let your self believe they can actually happen! You must first believe it possible before it can happen, then put action to those thoughts! Google things, make phone calls, research, find out every detail then start working toward it. You CAN do everything you wish to, you just have to get over your fears to get there, but I tell yea it's pretty sweet on the other side.

 This is my next dream adventure, Bora Bora.

My Gratitude Journal of the Day...
I'm Grateful for...
1) The book "The Magic of Thinking BIG" by David J. Schwartz
2) Photos of Inspiration
3) Having a roof over my head
4) Being alive! What a day it is to be alive!
5) The Internet, which made this all more possible.

I love this!