Life's Not a Race

Sometimes it seems like we are working against the clock in our lives to get everything we want done. Yes we all have dreams and places we want to be in our lives but we tend to get so "busy" trying to achieve these goals that we completely forget to enjoy the important part, which is getting there! Enjoy the journey you are on and love every day, it will help you get to where you want to go. But what if you're sitting and saying "I don't know where I want to go!" Well I say pick a destination! It doesn't have to be a physical location but pick a place you would like to be in your life in the next 6 months, next year, next few years of your life and then start your journey. Some people are so lost out there they have no idea what they want and that's fine because that's part of the journey but what can help is little goals.

Pick a little goal you want to achieve in the next 6 months lets say. My goal is I'm moving in September to a new place and it's going to be a complete change from my lifestyle now. Do I know exactly how that's going to happen or what that's going to look like? No not yet but that doesn't mean I get all scared and curl into a ball. It means I take little steps and go step by step to my goal. First I looked up locations and found that where we originally wanted to move to isn't exactly what we wanted. So instead of freaking out about it we kept looking until we found an area that we resonated with. It worked out great because now we will be in an even BETTER area with more nature and beautiful views! Next I started looking for places to live. I sent e-mails, made some calls and now we have some viewings set up for this Wednesday. Was it scary, a little because change is always unknown, but I just keep reminding myself to take it step by step and that everything will work itself out. I have to also keep reminding myself that life isn't a race that needs to be won. I have all these dreams and goals I want to meet but tend to get down on myself when they don't happen quickly. Well slow and steady wins the race my friends. Every time I get down I just remember to take one more step and eventually I'm right on track again. It's not about the destination people, it's about the journey to the destination because THAT'S where all the memories and stories are from.

My Gratitude Journal of the Day...
I'm Grateful for...
1) Finding out Kim lives down the street from me and now having a personal trainer to get in shape with! SCORE!
2) Flowers. I have some in my room now and they remind me to enjoy those little things in life.
3) Green Smoothies, YUM!
4) Getting the Pride Parade day off work so I can go out and enjoy myself with friends!
5) The sunshine and the rain, both are needed for the beautiful place I live in to stay beautiful :)