Stop Trying

I know the title seems a little bit of a let down but I promise it's not meant the way you read it. First I want to say that I was away in Denver for the past week and that's why there was no new posts. I had an AMAZING time at GALA Choruses 2012 with over 6000 other LGBT choir members and over 200 performances of amazingness. It really was a much needed get away. I'll do a post about it later this week.

Now on to today's post. Today I spent some much needed time with my good friend Priscilla hashing out life stuff and the event we will be throwing in mid August. It was a nice little reminder of a lot of life lessons that I myself had forgotten about. I found myself talking over and over about the same things that I was "trying" to work on or work through and then I remembered this photo and quote...

It's so on point. I'm either doing what I say I'm doing or I'm not. I'm either working towards what I say I want or I'm not. Actions speak volumes over words and I had let myself get into my head and into speaking words while I was away instead of putting action behind my words. If you aren't sure about someone/thing/situation, always look for the actions being done, not the words being said because that is where the genuine truth will be found. Someone may say one thing and then do the complete opposite of what they just told you and you then have a few choices. Get mad at them and point out all of their flaws. I don't suggest this because most of the time they don't even know they are doing it, they mean to do the right thing but their subconscious is leading them on their path, not the path YOU want them to be on. Or you can forgive them and understand within yourself that it' just not the right timing. The universe has perfect timing and our job is to learn the lessons along the way and develop more as a person. So either you do or do not, there is no try. If you want something, do what you have to to get it. If you don't then that's that. There is no in between. This is what the universe needs when you want something, a determined decision and choice that you ARE doing/working towards what you want in full knowingness that it will come about no matter what the time limit is. If you waver though in your belief that it might not happen then the universe pulls it away cause it's not sure if you want it. Always stay in the knowingness that it will come about, no matter what the situation or circumstance. Never look at the now for what you want. If you just planted the seed it takes time for the crop to grow and for the harvest to come. Do you think the farmer sows his seed and then comes out the next day and goes "Well damn, guess I'll give up and try something different or a new way." NO! He know's it takes a good amount of time but that it's worth it. So remember to stick with it, we always do our deepest growing right before the very end when the crop is ready for harvest. Also it's important to note that it's vital you sow your seeds in YOUR field, not someone else's. Grow your own crop (dream), not someone else's. Baby steps will get you there faster then no steps at all.

With Gratitude,

My Gratitude Journal of the day...
I'm grateful for...
1) My time with Priscilla today <3 such a loving soul sister.
2) My trip to Denver! GALA 2012 was amazing!
3) My new business cards that came in the mail while I was away, so awesome!
4) The new clothes I got while I was away in Denver, great shopping deals!
5) Renewing my trust in the universe and the path it has laid out for me.

I now leave you with some feel good vibes :)