Turn It Into Something Good!

I'm on my way to planning my birthday trip to LA for a week. Just checking in with friends and people who may want to join me so we can all plan it together! My birthday happens to be late January but I'm thinking maybe go down for NYE 2013! Wouldn't that be fun? Once I got my head out of HOW the situation was suppose to turn out and started looking at solutions for the situation everything fell into place nicely. Stop looking at the problems and start looking for solutions to the problems. I'm so grateful that I've managed to turn a potentially negative situation into something that can be so much fun! And I get myself a nice little birthday holiday with friends while I'm at it. When the world seems to be going against you, look at all the options and possibilities you have instead of focusing on the ones you don't have. The more you focus on what you don't have the more you will get that exact thing. But if you focus on the possibilities and opportunities more of them will come your way. I had no thought about going on a trip to LA or about going away for my birthday but it turns out that is exactly what the universe wanted me to have, and I'll take it! Enjoy the little photo below, I think it's quite cute and relevant to life.

My Gratitude Journal of the Day...
I'm Grateful for...
1) Figuring out all my stuff stuff (YAY Birthday holiday!)
2) Life
3) Getting back into running and my fitness routine, it's been a while.
4) The amazing people who have come in and out of my life, you have all taught me something at one point or another.
5) My computer! Without which I would not be able to create these posts.

Enjoy my newest song obsession: Charice - Louder