Standing in "I AM"

Last night I had another "ah ha!" moment, don't you just love those? My room mate Vicki was telling me about this beautiful spiritual leader she had just been working with for the weekend doing some training and spoke of this "I AM" 5 minute meditation. DING, lights went on. What this spiritual leader does is for 5 minutes every day is she stands in her "I AM" energy. It can be whatever you choose but it has to be focused around what you want to be or aspire to be. Her's was singing in 13 countries by the end of one year, and by this Decembers end she will have accomplished that dream. So for her 5 minutes every day she stood in the energy of feeling the feelings of being on stage in 13 different countries.

During the 5 minutes it's important to really feel joy and live out what it feels like to already have achieved your dream. I couldn't believe what I was hearing when Vicki was telling me all of this. This isn't a new concept to me but it just hit me, I hadn't been doing anything like this for my work in helping people to Discover their Truth. Immediately following our conversation I went to my room where I did my own "I AM" 5 minute (maybe a bit longer) meditation and really focused on how it felt when I was helping people and what kind of space I was in. I was over joyed at how amazing it felt to really be feeling my dreams come to life instead of just thinking or dreaming about them. It feels like I've discovered some hidden gem that has been laying dormant inside of me and has now fully realized and bubbled to the surface. I have even more drive and desire to continue my work and doing what I'm doing and all from a simple conversation and a new found love for my "I AM" 5 minute daily meditation.

I highly suggest you all try it. It's only 5 minutes but I can guarantee that you will feel more focused and determined the more you practice it. Also your mind starts coming up with creative solutions you never thought possible before, they truly are miracles. So start now, be creative and watch the miracles flow.

With Gratitude,