Accept Yourself in 2013

So it's the last day of 2012 and WOW what a journey it has been! Reflecting back on it I realized I accomplished and learnt so many things it's insane! I travelled to Las Vegas and saw Kelly Clarkson in concert. I went to Denver with the Vancouver Men's Chorus for the annual GALA Choruses 2012 and met so many amazing people and watch countless choirs perform. I visited Dallas and had the opportunity to stay at a gorgeous organic farm and eat the most delicious food and learn from some amazing people. I moved to North Vancouver, started my own business, and started writing a book! There were countless other adventures I had but those were just a few.

In 2013 I want it all to be about accepting yourself. Some would argue that it's about improving yourself but lets look at it from the law of attraction stand point: If you are chasing a goal, you will always be chasing a goal because that's what you're telling the universe. You're saying "I don't currently have this thing that I want" so it continues to give you the energy of currently not having what you want. If you shift into accepting yourself for who and what you are, which is perfect, then that allows the universe to give you all you need. This is because you are no longer chasing anything because you now hold the belief that everything you need is inside of you and that you are perfect. Once you understand this concept anything is possible. Let's say you are "chasing" the perfect body that you envision for yourself. You are constantly noticing what is wrong with your body and what you want to improve so the universe keeps giving you just that, the things in which you are giving your energy to which is exactly what you do not want. But, when you switch to accepting yourself and accepting your body for what it is, which is perfect in every way, and you have good feelings about your body the universe is free to start giving you more of that which you are paying attention to which is good feelings about your body. This opens up to your body starting to take shape and looking "better" because that is what you are now paying attention to because you are accepting and appreciating what you do have and thus you get more of it. This doesn't just work with your body, this applies to all things. If you switch from a place of lack and wanting into a place of appreciation for what you do have the universe gives you more of what you are paying attention to.

So for this new year and all years to follow, make it about accepting yourself as the perfect person you are. In this moment you are perfect, you are exactly what you need to be and you have all you need to achieve the things you want to achieve. Perfection cannot be improved upon so stop trying and start appreciating and watch the miracles happen around you. This world we live in really is a magical place.

All the best to you and the world in 2013!

With Gratitude,