Attitude of Gratitude

I'm so grateful for this past week. So many things have shifted and changed and it's all becoming more beautiful day by day. Christmas with my family was surprisingly refreshing and grounding. It's always hit and miss with my family but this year I was really craving just being around people who knew me and just be present with them. There is an energy when you're with people who have known you your whole life, there is no awkward silence because you just know that something doesn't always have the be said and the silence doesn't always have to be filled.

Reading "Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires" by Esther and Jerry Hicks really helped me stay in a space of gratitude this Holiday season. Instead of looking at my family and finding all the faults with them I was looking at them with new eyes, I was finding all the good things about them and creating a new story with them instead of living out the old patterns. I really do think it solidified a turning point for the way I interact with my family and now I can create a better story. Also I'm going to be an Uncle for the first time! How exciting is that!

I would like to end today's post with a TEDxSF video I hope you all will watch. It was sent to me by a friend and it brought me such joy when I watched it. The little girl in the video has such wise words that we can all learn from. Here is a quote from her: "Like a path, it could lead you to a beach or something, and it could be beautiful." This is in reference to imagination and discovering new things.

With Gratitude,