The Day After

Well the Mayan Apocalypse end calendar date has come and gone and we are still here. I for one am glad that nothing "happened" on December 21st because I have so many plans for my life I still have yet to enjoy! I do believe that there was a good few people who thought the world could be ending and to those of you I would like to say now is such a beautiful time for you. You now have the chance to start again, start over, turn a new leaf and create some new dreams now that you know you have the time.

This time of year is a lot of reflecting for people about the year gone by, the times you've spent with friends and family. New years day always seems to have this fresh, vibrant energy to it, full of hope for the year to come. It's like we're getting a double whammy of "fresh start" this year with December 21st. I spent last night enjoying the sounds of friends playing the piano and singing show tunes from our favourite Broadway scores. It was so great to just enjoy the music and be in the moment. It was nothing big, just four of us but I cherish those moments spent with friends because even though the world might not end you never know when it will be time for you to move on to the next life. So this holiday season really work on finding the joys of being around whoever your around. I know family can drive us crazy sometimes but think of all the life lessons they have taught you. There is always a silver lining and my goal for this year is to find it in every moment.

With Gratitude,