Wake Up To A New Day

Welcome January 1st, 2013! Who else feels like today is just the beginning to a magical year? I'm buzzing with anticipation and joy for the year ahead. Today was the perfect first day of the year and last night was the perfect welcoming for this new year. I stayed in with my lovely flat mate Vicki and we meditated into the new year. We listened to some amazing Tibetan sound healing bowls as we thought about all the wonderful things coming to us in 2013. We sat and absorbed all the energy happening around us and focused it into our desires. Mine consisted of my forthcoming book in which the perfect name and concept have already come to me. I've already started on outline and written the introduction. It feels great to be creating and having a driving force in my life. It fills me with such purpose to have this new idea and creation coming through me.

Today was spent relaxing and enjoying the first day of the year. I went to a yoga class which will become part of my regular routine now and I watched one of my favourite movies of all time - Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Such a great film. This January really will mark a new chapter in my life as so many things are shifting around me. My 26th Birthday will be on the 25th which will also be a new beginning so January is often full of new beginnings for me.

I hope all of you also had amazing days today and can feel that 2013 is bound to be a magical year for many of us. I want to wish you all the blessings in the world and thank you for reading this blog and supporting my journey. I promise to blog as much as I can in 2013 and keep you up to date as new adventures unfold.

With Gratitude,