What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

Today after doing my daily block run of sprints I came home with the inspiration to listen to Heather Small's "Proud." It's such a profoundly beautiful and inspiring song and has such deep meaning to it.

My question for you today is "what have you done today to make you feel proud?" This new year that we have just entered offers you such an amazing opportunity to "start fresh" (really you can "start fresh" any day) so stick to your intuitions and follow your heart. Ask yourself what will you do today to make this day an amazing one. Maybe it's continuing your new workout routine, maybe it's following through with writing that book you have in your head, maybe it's simply buying a cup of coffee for the stranger in line behind you to put a smile on their face. Whatever it is you chose to do today, chose to make it an amazing day full of smiles and joy. The more you put out there the more you will get back. You would be shocked at how quickly your mood or others moods around you can change just by smiling and complimenting someone. If you're finding it hard to be grateful today do this exercise: Look around you and find 1 thing you are grateful for, just 1 simple thing. It could be your computer, your home, your new shoes, a new watch, a time in your life that made you feel happy, but whatever it is make sure you really feel that feeling of gratitude toward it. Get deep into it and remember how you felt when you first got this item or had that experience. Remember how much joy it brought you, remember how big you were smiling, remember for that moment of time everything in your world was awesome. Now remembering that feeling look around for something else to be grateful about and do the same thing, then again, and again, and again. In no time at all you will be in such a mood of gratitude that your bad mood will have faded away and you are now floating in joy for all that you have. Now use this newly found joy and go out and share it with others because joy is meant to be shared! Do it in your own way and a way that makes you feel comfortable. Instead of doing what people normally do, which is find the common dislikes in life to bond with others, find the common likes you share with others. Reach for the positive instead of the negative. And since you are now in your mood of gratitude this should be fairly easy to  do.

So now sit back and ask yourself "What am I going to do today to make me feel Proud?"

With Gratitude,