What's Your Word?

What's your word? The one word that currently describes you and where you are at in this very moment? I've been reading Eat. Pray. Love. and when Elizabeth Gilbert was in Italy she had a conversation with a friend about how each city has a word. This word is representational of the energy vibration that runs through a city, it's beating drum if you will. If your personal word doesn't match the word of the city you are in you will never quite feel like you are at home there because your energy does not match it. So my question is, what's your word? And also what is the word for the city you live in?

My word I have discovered is "Purpose." I feel this word because I have decided that 2013 is all about me and working on my purpose. I know my purpose is to bring joy to others and also to help them feel deeper emotions again. I feel like my work in writing my book as well as music lyrics will be a great way to fulfil this purpose. I'm also focusing on doing everything I do with purpose. I no longer just go along, I choose to do something with and for a reason, like my newly dedicated practice of yoga. I want to honour my body and myself with daily meditation and physical exercise. Vancouver, the city I live in, is a perfect vibrational match to my word because I find a lot of people here are also on similar paths in their lives to find purpose and a more fulfilling life.

So what's your word? I'd love to hear it!

With Gratitude,

P.S. here's a little extra just for you! Last night I had the realization during my meditation that my fear of heights wasn't actually a fear of physical heights at all! It was a metaphor for a deeper fear of reaching great personal heights with success. I use to even get jumpy while watching a movie with heights in it or even thinking about heights. Now with this revolutionary realization I worked through it in my meditation with the help of spirit holding my hand the whole time and built a solid foundation and an unmovable grounding. Now when I think about heights I can be in the worst wind storm and know that I'm unmovable an will not fall. The wind is a metaphor for people's words trying to bring or blow me down. Now they will never be able to because I took the time to discover deeper meaning in myself and now I know I have the strength and power to stay on top even through the worst of storms. Thank you meditation <3