You're Richer Than You Think

It's really true. The average person is richer than they think, but not in the way I bet you're thinking about. When people think about being "rich" usually what comes to mind is lots of money, holidays, jewellery, cars, big houses and that sort of thing. My question is: does this really make someone rich? I know a good amount of people who I would consider "rich" from the typical standpoint but who appear to be some of the least happy people I know. It's funny that people associate happiness to being rich because they don't go hand in hand. Many people believe that being rich will make them happy but this is simply not true.
What will make you happy is YOU. Only you have the power to make yourself happy, you see, because it's a choice and not something that happens to you. Happiness does not come from an outside source, it comes from within us. Sure for a short time a specific object or person can bring you happiness but for the long run if you aren't making the conscious effort in life to be happy, you wont be. Also say you put your happiness in someone else or an object and they or it goes away, your happiness leave with it. Putting your happiness in the exterior is a danger zone. I recently watched a documentary titled "Happy" (which I HIGHLY recommend) and in it they showed studies that only 10% of your happiness comes to you in the form of exterior things like cars and gifts. 50% of happiness is determined by genetics and where your natural state is and 40% is determined by YOU. That 40% is made up by things like meditation and getting to know yourself as a person and finding happiness within. I have to say I myself noticed that my happiness grew substantially after I started making meditation a daily exercise in my life. Some will argue that they haven't got the time but to me that simply sounds like a well made up excuse because everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and it's your choice to do what you want with it. It's perfectly acceptable for you not to choose to meditate or do any other forms of self awareness development but if you are also the person who tends to find things to complain about or have a lot of "drama" in your life maybe those are signs that it's time for a re-evaluation.

I found a great exercise today to help you all realize that you are, in fact, richer than you think. I would like for you to sit down and make a list of 10 things in your life that are priceless. I would also LOVE it if you took the time to share and post your 10 so that others can be inspired to do the same and see how rich their lives are. I did my list so here it is...

10 Things in my life that are Priceless:

1) My ability to find the positive in everything.
2) The love I receive from my family and friends.
3) My hight (6'3").
4) My amazing health.
5) The memories I have from all my travels.
6) The creative drive that I have running through me.
7) My strong sense of self and who I am.
8) The people in my life.
9) The vocal talent that I was gifted.
10) My intuitive senses that always guide me in the right direction.

With Gratitude.