Anything's Possible When You Dream

Have you ever had what I like to refer to as a "movie moment?" It's that moment in the movie when everything comes together right near the end, or as most refer to as the climax of the film. All the characters just suffered what looked like a devastating loss and hit their lowest low. Maybe the girl didn't show up, or the family member didn't pull through, or the kiss went to another woman. It leaves you feeling so low and broken. You sympathies with the person on screen because the brain doesn't process whether it's real or not, it only processes what is happening. In that moment the person your watching just had their heart broken and the majority of us have experienced this exact same pain they are going through. But just then, against all odds, that same girl emerges from around the corner just as he was about to leave and your heart skips a beat. The family member's heart monitor sends a blip, then another, and another and you can feel tingling sensations surging all through your body and a smile emerges across your face. Or the guy pulls away from the girl and yells at her asking what the hell she thinks she's doing and that he's head over heels, to the moon and back, in love the lead actress, not her and your eyes begin to tear up.

You have these reactions because deep down we truly are dreamers, believers and want to see others win. You hope against all odds, You make wishes upon stars, You pray to something which is bigger than yourself. When you see other people experiencing the things you've been through it hits a memory point and triggers an emotion in you. You may fight it and squish it down but that doesn't stop it from being there. You may get angry and fight it but that's only because you attach this feeling to memories that create pain and you want to get away from it. You're a connected being, you're a compassionate being, you're a being who at the end of the day just wants to feel feelings of joy and live a happy life

This "movie moment" often brings up and stirs those feelings in us. What it's really doing is allowing you to dream again. It's giving you permission to live vicariously through these people on your screen and feel the magic you would feel if it were you. You start to have feelings of optimism, maybe you could have this in your life you think to yourself. Then the movies ends and you're left facing "reality." But what if you made a decision to keep those feelings of optimism alive? What if you said to yourself "that's it, I'm making this happen for me in my life!" 

So many of you don't realize that you have the power within yourself to change your life. I know this is a fact because I know you are the only person who get's to decide what your brain thinks and what you choose to pay attention to. You have the power to choose your thoughts, if you don't like one, change the channel! Make the choice to focus on your good thoughts and ignore the bad ones. You may argue that ignoring the bad ones is being ignorant. I do agree that you should acknowledge them but only to use them in a positive way, to see what you don't want so that you can navigate your brain towards what you do want. You have the power to experience these "movie moments" whenever you want. You have a million memories to pick and choose from so find ones that give you butterflies, give you hope, and hold onto them, focus on the happiness and let the rest fall away. Holding onto that negative thought is like picking up a burning ember with the desire of throwing at someone else, only you get burnt in the end. Bypass the ember and skip to the joy. Create your own "movie moments" and watch the miracles start to happen around you.
Anything is possible when you dream.

With Gratitude,