Burn the Good Candles

So you're sitting there wondering why you should burn your good candles. You know the ones that smell AMAZING, cost a small fortune and look so nice that they have become a permanent house hold decoration, yea those ones. Burn them. I say this because life's too short to not fully allow yourself to enjoy them. Just think about how sweet they will smell when you light them up, the aromas drifting through your home. "But I couldn't possibly!" you say. Why did you get them then?

Was it not so you could enjoy their smell and what they were meant for? You do know that you can always go out and buy more, right? All of this ties into our personal ways of thinking and thought process. If you're the type of person who automatically thinks about how much it cost and that you can't afford to be buying these beautiful candles all the time, then maybe you might be struggling with a bit of a poverty mind set. If cost isn't the issue but you just can't bare the thought of allowing yourself to enjoy this candle in all it's glory then maybe you have some patters that are stopping you from allowing in full joy. Like something is holding you back from fully embracing what pleasures life has to offer.

Life is too short not to allow yourself to enjoy it fully. This is why I say burn the good candles. You can always go out and get more. Also this way you get to experience many new scents and styles instead of just having one. Variety is the spice of life my friends so enjoy it all. Try new things every once and a while, you might discover a new joy or passion in life, but you will never know unless you take the chance. So go ahead my friend, it's ok, burn that sweet smelling bliss and let your imagination run wild today.

With Gratitude,