Lost vs. Discovering

I'm becoming very conscious of how deeply our words shape our world. I'm enjoying learning about words and what emotions and feelings I attach to certain words. One of the fun games I've been playing with myself is to work on finding better, more empowering words to use when I speak or think in order to open my world up to new possibilities instead of keeping it stuck in the same place. One of the big ones I've been playing with with the space of "feeling lost" versus "currently discovering."

I found that when I eliminated the idea and phrase of "feeling lost" from my vocabulary it took with it the energy I attached to it. I replaced it with "currently discovering" because this is a more empowering statement. With this new statement my brain could now go from a place of lack, feeling lost, to a place of possibility, currently discovering. The word discovering to me holds all of these possibilities and feelings of excitement. Think about it for a minute. Think to yourself what the word "discovering" means to you. Now if you're feeling like I was and you're currently "feeling lost" I want you to look inward and think about that thing you're feeling lost on, how does it feel? Now make the decision to change your words to "currently discovering" about the situation you we just feeling lost on and observe how you feel now. What shifts have happened? Did you notice a difference in the way you felt about the situation? Were you met with more optimism maybe that the situation will work itself out and that you just have to keep discovering more until it does? I hope this has helped you with Discovering Your Truth a little bit more today.

With Gratitude,