The Power of Dreams

Hey you, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of the power you have right in between your ears. The power that your dreams hold is so much more than we can even fathom but I'll do my best to spell it out for you here.

You have the power to create your world. I know, I know, you've heard it time and time again now and you're "totally over" this whole create your world thing but hear me out. Think about something you've achieved in your life, like a major event or something you were working towards. Did that achievement not start off as just a thought or a dream in your mind? It didn't just happen to you, you had to actively participate in its creation every step of the way. If you're the person sitting there going "I know that but my dreams just don't seem to work like that," then I have a word of advice for you, and it's called work. Yes, my friend, work is involved for making your beautiful dreams come true. This does not mean it needs to be hard work or work you hate, it just means you need to do SOMETHING and not just sit there thinking about something happening. For your dreams to come true you need an energy behind it. You need to make a decision that this dream is going to come true, come hell or high water. Some people work on their dreams their WHOLE LIFE, imagine that? If you're not willing to work on your dream for your entire life then it's not the right dream to be focusing on. Your dream should get you out of bed early, send you to bed late at night, have you thinking about creative ways you can achieve it and give you great joy to even think about it. Once you have the right dream, the one you must accomplish, then you can take that energy and go to work. Brainstorm all the ideas you can about how to achieve this goal. Think of your dream as a little tiny snowball. This snowball could do some damage if you threw it at someone, but imagine if instead you rolled it down a massive hillside and it built up bigger and bigger until it turned into an avalanche than everyone would notice and it would have a much bigger impact. Once you start moving in the right direction think of yourself as the snowball, you will start off small but because of your passion you will easily roll down the hill and build up speed. You will build and build and it won't even feel like work, it will be effortless because you have a clear idea in your mind.

This is the power of dreams. If you believe with all of your heart that something is meant to be, it doesn't matter how it comes about, the point is you stick with it and know that it will happen.

I recently had a dream come true when I qualified as the Canadian Winner for the Havana Club 365 Gap Year contest. This means I will be going to Havana for a week next month to compete for the chance to win the year-long trip around the world! Did it just happen to me? No. I had to make a video which took quite a bit of time and energy and then I had to message practically everyone I knew and ask them to vote for me. Had I just popped it up on facebook and told people to vote it would never have happened, but because I took the time and days to message each friend uniquely they did vote and it qualified me to win. After that, I was part of the top 5 and we needed to fill out a questionnaire from which they would pick the national winner. If I had gone into that feeling defeated it would have come across way different than it did. I wrote those answers with pure faith and confidence that I was truly supposed to win and that obviously showed because it's what ended up happening.

Even if the law of averages is against you, hold on for dear life to your faith and belief. Your dreams have the power to move mountains, now get to it!

With Gratitude,

Calan Breckon Life Coach | Discovering Your Truth