Our Body Knows

Have you ever just had that feeling where you know you need to stop but you just keep going? You can hear your body screaming at you but you've decided to ignore that little voice? What usually ends up happening? Do you get sick, run down, angry, agitated, short fused? Our body knows when it's time for us to stop and take a break but we don't always listen, and then we pay the price for it.

In the past 3 days I worked a total of 30 hours, with no breaks, of what I would call physical and mentally challenging work. After day one I was whipped out because I'm not use to working for such long hours and having to keep up the high energy. Day two I woke up with a bit of a sniffle and by day three I was full blown head cold with a throat that felt like razor blades. On day three I still went in and worked but ended up having to leave early due to feeling light headed and like I was about to pass out. my coworkers even said I wasn't my bubbly self and that I needed to go. I knew I shouldn't have been working so many hours in such a short time but I was thinking of the over time and great money I was making. Now it's time to pay the price. If I had only moved things around and spread out my time a little more I could be out enjoying the sun today on my day off instead of stuck in bed.

We all know intuitively when we need to stop and give our body a break and make sure we're keeping in check but it doesn't always happen. How often do you find yourself in a similar situation as I'm currently in, stuck in bed wanting to be outside in the sun but to sick to do so? If you're thinking to yourself that this is you  far too often then it's time you re-evaluate how you're doing things. It's always great to make a little extra money to have fun with, but the point is to actually have the time to have fun with it! If you never leave yourself the time, what's the point? You need to make sure you are scheduling in the time for yourself weekly, yes weekly!

You are important and if there is no YOU then what is the point in all that hard work? Stop making excuses and putting things off and start taking a little bit of "you" time. No, it's not selfish, so stop arguing that point. I think it's more selfish for you to be drained all the time and not be able to full give to the ones you love than to take much needed "you" time to charge up and then show up fully. A little bit of you time goes a long way and in the long run you will be able to do more and be more for your family. Think of yourself as a cup, if you're always half full but still trying to give to others you and just losing more and more energy. But, if you fill yourself up so much so that you have extra then all that extra can go to everyone else and you still feel full instead of drained.

Our body always knows what we need, the question is, are you listening?

With Gratitude,