Amanda Palmer Connects the Dots

Simply put, I love Amanda Palmer. It was a fast fall, the love at first sight kind. From the moment she stepped onto her green milk crate until the last words that came out of her mouth during her TED Talks, The Art of Asking,

I was captivated. It wasn't her looks, although she is very pretty, it was her brain. In those 13.48 minutes, the vocabulary that came pouring out of her mouth hit like an arrow to the heart and had me internally screaming out "YES, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YES!" If you don't already know this, I consider myself to be an artist and her art of asking talk spoke exactly to the thoughts I'd had many times over.

Today I watched what I assume to be the latest of Amanda's public speaking engagements as a keynote for the Grub Street Muse Conference in Boston. I just can't get over how absolutely brilliant this woman is. Her use of metaphors and command of the English language is music to my ears. For those of us who call ourselves artists most would consider it to be a "hard road." We too easily allow ourselves to say "I didn't get picked," but at least we know we make great art, right? The big "label" is just too difficult to get signed with so I'll take the road everyone else is taking. With Amanda there are no more excuses, this is a new age and a new way of doing things. If you think you've "failed" as an artist all you have really done is given up on yourself, and that's just so sad. We have so many ways we can connect in today's world that with the WORK put into it everyone can be seen. I could go on and on but instead I would like to connect you to Amanda Palmer, a brilliant woman who is daring to stand up and say "I'm doing it this new way, my way, a different way," and I'm right there cheering her on and thanking her for giving me permission to do the exact same.

*Just a side note, this is my 100th post! Thank yous go out to everyone who reads my works!