Life: Are You Living It?

Sometimes we have to get lost in order to find ourself

Have you ever experienced a moment that captivates you and holds you in such deep thought that you become paralyzed with fear? I've been doing a lot of deep thinking as of late about life and what it means to me. There's so many people living life so drastically differently than yourself in this world you can't help but wonder if you're doing it right. I use to think that having "stuff" and "things" meant that I was living life but I've come to realize that those things have very little to do with anything. The things that bring me the most joy and memories are experiences with other people. I use to want a big house, to be a millionaire and be hugely famous but things have changed, perspectives have shifted. We think we have so much time left, there's always tomorrow right?

But what happens if tomorrow never comes? What happens if you turn a corner and all of a sudden, that's it? In this moment can you say that you genuinely lived your life? That you gave everything you had and tried your hardest at whatever it is that makes your heart sing. I thought I had things figured out, a direction in life, but every time I took a step the mirage would move further away. So I finally gave in, had one of those "screaming in the pouring rain for a sign" moments. Then it hit me, like a wave of relief, I needed to stop trying so hard.

My 26 years on this earth has taught me so many things but the one in particular that I hold above all else is you must live your life, and you must live it for you and your joys not someone else's. Don't get me wrong, it brings me great joy to bring happiness to others but that's not out of force or feeling like I have to, it's out of a pure wanting.

Your life belongs to you. You're the only person who thinks the thoughts you think, feels the feelings you feel and hears your own thoughts 100% of the time. You're the only one who truly has the power to change your life if you want to. Most people can easily come up with a hundred reasons as to why that's a false statement, but they're all excuses designed to make you feel better about the choices you make. Well, what if you stopped making those excuses and started seeing the facts, and making those changes you've always wanted to make? I dare you to take the time and dream outside the box. You say it's crazy to think you could become an actor, and better yet win an Oscar? Well I say someone has to, or they would have to stop making TV shows and movies. So why shouldn't that person be you? The only things that aren't possible are the things you believe to be not possible.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.
— Henry Ford

Very soon I'll be taking off for the #GetRAOKT trip with my dear best friend Jessica Schafer. We will be leaving the comforts of our homes to venture around North America for 1 year doing random acts of kindness. Does jumping past the safety nets of home scare me, you better believe it, but I'm still going. Before the idea of this trip was born I felt like I was lost in a sea of carelessness, not knowing where I was really going. Once the idea came about I knew I had to do it. A powerful feeling of drive and desire boiled up from within me and I knew that I would never be satisfied if I didn't at least try. I deeply care about this world we call home and I want to do all that I can to make it the best place possible. I want to connect with other people from around the world and hear their heart warming stories about back home and their adventures through Africa. I want to feel so alive that every moment feels like the best of everything you've ever had rolled into one. I want to make a difference and show the world that there is a life worth living, and that every single one of you can have that life, you just have to choose to do it. So shake your head and get out of that deep thought.

Stop questioning

if you're doing things right and start listening to your heart. If you feel something deep down into the core of your being that you have to do something, then go do it. Stop making those excuses and start finding some solutions, get creative. Don't you want to be that person who if they walk around a corner tomorrow and it all ends you can at least say "I did everything I could to be happy, and damn it, my life was amazing!"

Stop depending on tomorrow and start living in the moment, you never know what's around the next corner.