We Can Be Heros: 5 Facts You Should Already Know About Yourself but Probably Don't

I love movie magic. I love when a script, cast, director and a multitude of other factors can come together and bring a person to that perfect moment right at the very end of the movie where you get those tingles all over and marvel at what you just witnessed.

I just finished watching "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," and it was absolutely perfect. The acting was phenomenal, the script was fantastic and the video was stunning. It had everything I love to see in a movie and those moments that make you well up inside because you're so happy you get to experience this moment with the people on screen. My favorite part is always at the end when you've gone through the whole journey, the ups and the downs, the music is starting the swell, the lead actor or actress is in their last monologue and you don't know what it is but you just feel like you've lived the most amazing experience and that you're unstoppable. Well I want to let you in on a little secret, you ARE unstoppable.

I love these moments so much because they remind me of the true power residing within myself, which is the same power that resides in all of you as well. We have so much more than we think we do inside of us and we constantly need to be reminding ourselves of this fact.

I'm going to share with you 5 facts that you should already know about yourself but probably don't, or maybe you know but you forgot.

1) You are perfect, in every possible way.

-There is no such thing as flaws. They're all just made up beliefs to try and make you feel bad about yourself so you can spend money on trying to "become perfect." Don't buy into this, you're already perfect and if you don't believe me, just ask *insert your belief here - God, The Universe, Buddha, etc,* it did make you after all, and the Universe/God doesn't make mistakes.

2) You have everything you need inside of you.

-If you're a person who believes you need outside help to do anything, then I invite you to consider opening your mind to other possibilities. You have the power within yourself to make a change if you truly, honestly, to the core of your being want to do it. Anything is possible. You might not know the how but that is never important, ask any person who ever accomplished anything huge in their life. They will say they had no idea HOW it was going to happen but what they did know is that they were going to make it happen and the how just figured itself out.

3) You are significant.

-If no one else has said it to you than please allow me to be the first, you are significant, you are important, and you matter. No matter who you are there is a purpose to your life and whether or not you know what that purpose is doesn't matter, what matters is that you understand that you're here for a reason. Enjoy being here and being in the present, enjoy the people around you and come from a place of love. You have no idea who you're having an effect on so just remember that without you that effect never would have been set into motion and it's clearly important otherwise you wouldn't be here.

4) You're exactly where you're suppose to be.

-Take time and smell the flowers. There is no need to feel like you need to speed through life and feel like you're going to miss something if you don't race along. Life happens in perfect time and you're exactly the person and in the place you're suppose to be in this current moment. You might have a vision of who you'd like to become, which is great, but don't ever forget that who you will become stems from who you are right now and without right now you could not become who you want to be. So be grateful for right now, it's cultivating who you will become, and it's all perfect.

5) You deserve Love.

-No matter who you are, we all deserve love and have the power to give it freely. No matter what you have done in your life or what might have happened to you, please don't allow it to stop you from experiencing Love. Love is the most beautiful and natural thing in the world and should be given and received freely. You may believe that because you did a horrible thing that you don't deserve love but that is simply not true. On the contrary, you need love more than ever. Just because you did something "bad" doesn't mean you need to punish yourself for it by denying yourself love. Love doesn't discriminate, it doesn't see colour, sexuality, weight, disabilities or any other excuse you can come up with. It can't be explained and shouldn't be, there is no need. Love is something that is felt with the heart. It's that space where joy and happiness are birthed from and where miracles happen. Love can cure so many things and you deserve it. Let yourself be loved and let yourself love others. You won't become less than or lose anything by doing it but you will gain so very much from it. Love is not a magical unicorn, it's simple, it's unexplainable, and it's in you.

There are many more facts that I have to share with you but I'm going to let these ones sink in a bit. There are some pretty big heavy weights I just dropped on you and it might take some time until you can lift them up.

We are already the heroes we've been waiting for, so stop waiting and start living.

Have the best day ever,