#CTC13: Capture the Colour with @travelsupermkt

I love this whole idea! I'm fairly new to the whole travel blogging world but in the short time I've been around I've managed to make some amazing friends. Mostly because I kicked it all off with a trip to TBEX in Toronto this past June so I actually had the chance to meet everyone in person.

My lovely friend Lauren over at LolasTravels.com tagged me in this years #CTC13: Capture the Color with Travel Supermarket. I hope she enjoys all the photos I've chosen. I don't classify myself as a photographer in any way. I actually just use my phones camera for all of my photos because it makes me life easy. I appreciate amazingly HD photos and maybe one day I'll invest in a nice camera, but for right now I'm more about just being in the moment and enjoying the experience I'm currently having.

Being part of this competition has given me the chance to go back and look at a ton of photos I haven't seen in ages. Once upon a time I lived in Europe, so some of my photos are from when I was there. It was nice to revisit the old stomping grounds of a lifetime lived well.

For the competition you have to publish a blog post with 5 of your favourite photos showcasing these colours - Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White - in order to win some nifty prizes including a £3,000 travel fund. These are the photos I've chosen for my entry:

Bow Tower calgary alberta


I recently took this photo when I was in Calgary, Alberta, as part of my year long trip around North America doing volunteer work and Random Acts Of Kindness - #GetRAOKT

This is a photo of their new Bow Tower which is quite impressive and has a very awesome wire head standing right out front of it which is massive.

scotland hills


In September 2007 I made my first dream come true - moving to Europe. The first place I landed was Scottland and I immediately fell in love with their rolling green hills. This was a fantastic selfie I took before selfies became all the rage.

eiffel tower


The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a sight to see any time of day, but at night it's really something special. During my 2nd visit to the city in 2008 I managed to capture this beauty.

havana club rum


April 2013 brought me all the way to Havana, Cuba, after winning an online competition with Havana Club Rum. I'm so grateful for the experience of meeting the other 17 competitors from around the globe and trying to win a year long trip around the world. I didn't win the grand prize but what I walked away with was so much more. This was the trip that inspired the current year long trip around North America that I'm on. Gracias Havana Club Rum!

airplane window clouds


On my way to TBEX 2013 in Toronto I found myself gazing out the window at the clouds and losing myself in thought. All I could think about was how much I was going to be able to learn from everyone and all the new people I was going to meet. This was about to be the beginning of a new adventure and life changing event for me and I had no idea.

pink mustache


Of course I couldn't finish this post without an honourable mention to PINK and my friend Lola who tagged me for this awesome contest! It's her favourite colour and I have to say, I love me some pink!

Now to nominate 5 friends to do the same...


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Happy posting everyone! I can't wait to see all your awesome photos!