Seattle: I Can See Why People Like You

Seattle, I think I have a new love affair with you. I've been a few times before and enjoyed myself but this time was different. This time I really got the chance to explore you and get a feel for the type of city you are.

This was just suppose to be a pitstop on our way to Oklahoma City but ended up being a pleasant surprise. Originally Seattle was suppose to be at the end of the tour but it was great to break up the would be 4 day trip from Calgary to Oklahoma city.

We managed to set up a last minute stay through a friend of a friend and had it all sorted just before we got to the city. As it turned out, our hosts for the next few days ended up being awesome people! Stephanie is a southern girl originally from Georgia and has THE BEST Mom stories you will ever hear. I've added in a video at the bottom of this post of one of the hilarious stories. Her roommate Shunpin was quite the fabulous little Taiwanese man and his boyfriend Peter had recently just moved in with them. The place was located on Capitol Hill in the gay part of town, which is always nice for a gay like me. I actually found that Seattle was quite the gay city and really embraced diversity.

The city of Seattle is very similar to that of Vancouver, Canada. It's full of unique places to eat and interesting characters who walk the streets.  I can definitely see why it was the birthplace of grunge back in the day though. You can still see people trying to bring it back but I honestly think some things should be left in the past. Dirty, dank, and unclean never really make anyone look good or seem appealing.

Pike place is always great place to visit. It's the place to be to find the freshest food available at great prices. If you're a seafood lover this would be your heaven, there's seafood everywhere you turn! One of my favourite things to do it just wander around the market and to look at all the interesting stores there are on offer.

The most fun we had by far was at the Truffle Cafe where we had a wine flight with our hostess Ann. My GOODNESS the wine was absolutely divine! My pick out of all the ones we tried would have to be the Villa M moscato from Italy. The taste was like a sweet nectar on my tongue especially after being paired with the honey Ann paired it with. I'm a sweet wine drinker so I love me some juicy rieslings and moscatos. We must have had a good 6 or 7 glasses of wine, really it was only suppose to be 3. Time just flies when you're having a ball doesn't it? We finished things up when we noticed how late it was getting and I stood up to a bit of a wobble. Since Ann had been such a doll we ended up walking across to the market and getting her a nice huge bouquet of deep coloured flowers as a thank you. If you are EVER in Seattle I wholeheartedly suggest going to Truffle Cafe and taking a flight with either Ann or Rei, both ladies are absolutely fantastic.

The last shining event to happen in Seattle was the rooftop movie night. Our hosts planned to take us to their friends roof which had an amazing view of the city. I took a photo which is the title photo for this post. It was simply spectacular. I can't for the life of me remember what the movie it was because the laptop and projector ended up dying very early on in the movie but I really enjoyed myself. It was a great night of meeting new friends and admiring breathtaking views.

Overall Seattle was a fantastic time and I really look forward to going back and visiting again. Love love LOVE Seattle <3