What to do When you get Left at the Border?

So as Jessica and I left for the US on our #GetRAOKT adventure the craziest thing happened. The bus driver LEFT US AT THE BORDER! WHAAAAAAT!? Did that REALLY just happen!? As backpackers we were getting a little bit more of the 3rd degree than any of the other passengers, which I can understand. They want to make sure we're not trying to move to the US illegally and such. And just to be clear Jessica and I are VERY happy being Canadian. I enjoy my legal right to marry the man of my dreams across the country due to being a big GIANT gay. But as we are having our bags looked through the driver asked if anyone was left. Jessica and I notified him that we were and even the border crossing agents heard us. He decided to leave anyway!

We obviously freak out and ask the agent to stop the bus because Jessica had left her $125 sweater on the bus because THE DRIVER had told her it was ok and would be safe! Are you SHITTING ME!? We stop the bus and he gives me the sweater after I ran out to meet it then head back in. After this it wasn't even 3 more minutes until we were packed and ready to go. We were told the next bus to Seattle came at 3pm. Lame. Then the heavens opened up and a bus driver from Quick Shuttle had seen what had happened and told us to get on his bus! WHAT!? There ARE good people in the world! It was a totally different company but he just smiled and put our stuff under the bus and said to go find seats. We offered to buy him lunch in Seattle but he kindly said his wife makes the best lunch and not to worry.

Funny that we should be on a Random Acts Of Kindness Tour and BOOM, one hits us right in the kindness.

I wrote this blog post from the Quick Shuttle, which had WiFi, the other bus didn't. I want to say a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Quick Shuttle. You have a great staff of kind people who saved our butt today!

I'm now going to use this to show an example about life. Even when you think the unthinkable is happening to you and it's all coming crashing down, don't fret. Just around the corner might be some unexpected miracle that will actually make things better. Had this not happened we wouldn't have had wifi and a connection to the world until Seattle. I love how life works out, the universe always has a better plan than I could have ever come up with.