Interview with @FionaForbes on @TheRushTV

Hey Mom! I'm on TV! Jessica and I were ecstatic to be interviewed by the lovely Fiona Forbes on The Rush TV. I had emailed them months before during the summer in preparation for our #GetRAOKT trip hoping that they might want to have us on. Well I don't know what magic was worked but I heard back from one of the shows producers saying that they were interested in having us on! There was a slight problem though, they were on summer break and by the time they got back we would be on the road. A plan to skype in was made and a date was picked, October 3rd.

Once we left for the open road I all but forgot about the interview until the emails started up again and the reality started to set it. Were we really about to be on TV? Just before the taping of the show Jessica and I had been in Boulder helping the flood relief efforts there so we had plenty to talk about. The interview took place in the early afternoon right after Elizabeth Hurley...WHAT!? We couldn't believe that we were going to be on the same show right after such a star, and babe! We were staying at the Sheraton Denver after they so generously helped us out because our other arrangements fell apart last minute. They totally took care of us and allowed us to use their executive suite area for the interview so we would have perfect wifi connection and no distractions.

Once we set everything up we waited for the call. Ring, "THEY'RE CALLING! WE'RE REALLY GOING TO BE ON TV!" We may have been freaking out, but just a little bit. It took us a almost a half hour to secure a video connection though because apparently my computer's last update package rendered the video for skype unavailable. Finally we used my phone and it turned out to be pretty good quality.

After all was said and done we really enjoyed speaking with Fiona about what we're doing and appearing on the show. I want to thank The Rush for helping us spread the word about #GetRAOKT and that Kindness is Sexy!

Now take a look at our interview!