My 30 Day Yoga and Play Challenge

Stress. We all have it in some way, shape or form and we all have our ways of dealing with it, some healthier than others. I recently found myself in a bit of a rut and couldn't seem to find my way out of it until the amazing

Sandy Dow, Stress to Success Coach, came along and kicked me around a bit. Thank goodness she did because I needed it! Working with Sandy helped open up some things that I needed to face and get sorted out.

I personally know I do better when I set up a routine for myself and stick to it. I eat better, workout more, have less stress and get more accomplished when I set up a routine. I've been very good about sticking with my daily meditation routine every night before bed and that's been a significant help in keeping me sane but I have a few things I want to add into the mix to see if they also help.

When I originally started this blog I kicked it off with a 30 day challenge to write something inspirational everyday for 30 days. It was hard sometimes but I managed to stick with it and some of the most profound things came through to me because of those 30 days. I know that I do really well with a challenge so to get myself into the zone and set up these life changes and new routines I decided to go with another 30 day challenge. Plus they say if you can do something for at least 20 days in a row then it will become a habit and you'll want to do them naturally.

For the next 30 days I will be adding in daily yoga and play into my morning routine. I love yoga and use to go regularly when I lived back in Vancouver but since I started my travels and landed in New York it's fallen through the cracks. Well not any more! I looked around on YouTube and found a yoga instructor I resonated with and really enjoy. It's important to actually enjoy what you're doing so finding the right instructor was important to me. The instructors name is Duncan and you can check out his Yoga YouTube page here.

After talking with Sandy I also new that I needed to incorporate more play into my life. Since getting to New York it's been all about work, work, work. I haven't allowed myself the time and space to play, enjoy and just be in that energy to allow more good vibes to come through. Since I LOVE to dance I thought that adding in a quick dance party session in my living room would be the perfect way to get in some daily play. I'm just going to pick an upbeat and awesome song and rock out to the whole thing, just go full out. It's important to really feel it and live in that energy of joy and happiness so that it can sink into your bones.

Now that I've shared my 30 day challenge I want to hear from you! What do you think you can add into your everyday schedule to add more play and joy into it? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below and tweet me what you plan to do @Calan_ B. If you've enjoyed this post please share it with your friends! It's good to spread the love right!?