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Well, it has certainly been a while since I last did a post. I apologize. Sometimes I get caught up in life and forget how much I love writing. Let's do some catch up, shall we? There is a LOT to cover.

Last time I left you I was living in the Big Apple, the city where dreams are made of, New York! I had an absolutely amazing time. I never thought I would live in New York, it didn't strike me as my kind of place but I'm glad I had the experience. I made some amazing friends and look forward to visiting again but as far as living, I'm much happier not being there. I now live back in my home country of Canada in Toronto and love it, despite the horrid weather. The big plan was always to move here after Jessica and I finished our volunteering trip across the USA and I'm glad I've finally made it. I've only been here a short while but the moment I got into town I already felt more at home than I ever did in New York. There is something about being back in Canada that just lets me breathe again, like I'm not all strung out. Toronto is a beautiful city. It's large enough to keep me happy but also still has a small town feel to a lot of it because of all the funky artistic spaces.

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I'm currently floating in a space between spaces right now because life is at a very interesting crossroads. This blog has seen me go through many changes and follow a lot of my passions and even 3 years on I'm still finding my way. I guess that's the beauty of calling it "Discovering Your Truth" because I feel like I'm always constantly evolving and discovering my own truth which I happily share with all of you. While I was in New York I celebrated my 27th birthday. Something in me has since triggered because of this number. It wasn't all that long ago that I was turning 21 and legally allowed to drink in the US and now I'm closer to 30. It got me thinking about my life and all that I've accomplished. For my short time on this earth I have done some pretty amazing things. I've lived in London, England, backpacked Europe, road tripped across the US by bus, met fascinating people from all over the globe and accomplished many things most people only dream about. Now that I'm getting older I feel like I should be looking to "settle down" and really sort out the homely part of my life. Only there is one gigantic problem, I love traveling WAY too much! Half of me wants to be jetting all over the world experiencing all the things each culture has to offer and learning all about different peoples. The other half of me wants to settle down, find a husband, have a real home and even have a few kids. What do I do!? This is a problem I'm sure a lot of travel bloggers can relate to. We have such huge appetites for travel and the joy it brings us but on the other side of the coin we give up so many of those other things many people take for granted like a stable home and love life. So now what do I do?

Well, some amazing things have been happening and I think I've found my perfect solution. I was going to wait to talk about this but I feel confident enough to say it now. I recently applied to Emirates as a flight attendant on a whim suggested by a friend. I never could have applied before because they never came to Vancouver where I grew up and lived most of my life. Now that I'm in Toronto that changed. It just so happened that the open day was a few days after my friend suggested it so I applied online to get an official invite to it. I'm going to write a full post about my whole 3 day interview experience but in the end I was 1 of 19 who made it to the oh so coveted final interview. 350 people had applied on that first day so I'm completely happy to have made it that far. Now it's all a waiting game for that "Golden Call" to come through and say Congratulations. I'm pretty confident that I will be getting that call and then it will just be a matter of time before I move to Dubai to start my new career as a flight attendant.


I've struggled for a long time with the ideas of working and having a "job" simply to pay bills. Being a highly creative mind with a lust for travel I never wanted to stay put and most jobs bored me to tears. I think I've finally found the perfect match with Emirates to solve all of my problems. It will satisfy my need for travel. Yes, I realize it's not all luxurious travel and that I will have to work very long hours in a customer service position but I would rather do this than serving at a regular restaurant without all the amazing travel benefits. It will also solve my need to save and plan for my future. In Dubai they have tax free income and savings and Emirates also takes care of my accomodations. This leaves me with a major opportunity to stash away and save for that future home with kids. I'll also still have enough down time to keep up with this blog and have more content for you as I'll be traveling a lot more. It really seems like the perfect match for where my life is right now and where I see myself in the next few years and setting me up nicely for the future.

Life for a nomad isn't easy, any travel blogger will tell you that. But if you want something bad enough, eventually you'll come across a way that will work and make you happy on many levels. In the end it's all totally worth it for me.

Go out and have the BEST day ever,

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