#TravelTuesday: The Top 5 Places I Want To Visit


Painting by Michael Tompsett


I'm now counting the days until I move to Dubai on July 24th and I thought it would be fun to fantasize about all the places I'm going to be flying to and what my top 5 desired destinations are! To be clear this is a list of places I haven't yet been to. I've been very blessed to have traveled quite a bit in my life and if you want to see the full list of where I've been you can do so HERE.


Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Sydney, Australia

**UPDATE 08/15** Sydney is done! Count this as the 2nd place crossed off the list!

Australia has always been this far away fantasyland to me ever since I can remember. I use to dislike what we had to learn in school so I would dream about when I graduated and where in the world I would travel to. I ended up moving to London in 2007 and traveling Europe instead of doing Australia, which I don't regret at all. Now that I have endless possibilities Australia is back on the top of the list! I've always been in love with it's bizarre collection of animals not found in other parts of the world like the platypus and kuala. I also have a few friends now who live down under so it would be great to visit with them on a layover!


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I remember watching a documentary about the majestic Angkor Wat and ever since I wanted to go see it for myself. Lucky for me Emirates flies to Siem Reap International Airport which is very close to this ancient world wonder. It's also just over a 6 hour flight so it's not that far either! I'm thinking that once I learn how the scheduling works and how easy it is to get around on our standby I'll figure out what the best days are to go and find a nice 4 or 5 day stint that I can escape to this beautiful place.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

**UPDATE 02/16** Been there, done that! Count this as the 3rd place crossed off the list!

HELLO RIO! Who doesn't want to check out Rio!? I was speaking to one of my friends who already flies for Emirates and she said it's the most popular destination bid to get. That's not going to stop me from trying! I've been told that Brazilians would love me because of my ginger hair and height. I can't complain as I love me some Latinos! This destination would strictly be for fun, play and adventure! Get me in a club dancing with sexy people around me and I'm happy as a clam! I love to dance and when I was in Cuba I got a little taste of what Rio might be like and I LOVED it! Fingers crossed that I'm going to be one of those lucky ones who gets a layover here. Either that or I'll just book my holiday when I'm allowed and hop on the next flight down to South America. I can already feel the sweat dripping down my back from all the dancing!


Seoul, South Korea

**UPDATE 11/14** I just got back from Seoul! Count this as the 1st place crossed off the list!

Funny story about South Korea, I almost moved here a few years ago! I was in a slump after being home in Vancouver for too long and I needed a change. I thought teaching english in South Korea would be perfect! I was going to go to Busan in the south because I prefer a coastal city but fate had a different plan for me. Right as I was planning everything I needed to make it happen my brother announced at Christmas that he was going to become a father! Well out when that idea! I wasn't going to miss the birth of my first ever niece! That's a big deal to me. I was the first person to ever be alone with her which was really special to me and I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world. The reason I chose Seoul instead of Busan is because Emirates doesn't yet fly to Busan. This for me is really just going to be one giant shopping trip. I absolutely love Korean style and fashion, I think it just looks so chic and classy. I also find that Korean clothing really suits my look and fits me well. I'm most likely going to bid for this destination and go shopping during the layover time. I'm seriously so excited for this! Most people think Europe and Paris for fashion, which is great...but I need me some South Korea!


Tel Aviv, Israel

I didn't even know where or what Tel Aviv was until recently. It's been a huge up and coming place for the gay community which is always a plus for me. After seeing how much my friend Adam from TravelsofAdam.com loved it I decided I was going to have to go check it out for myself. I'm also a huge fan of beach culture despite being a ginger (yes I make sure to use SPF60 so calm down!) and really love me some sand between my toes. If Tel Aviv is as awesome as Adam says it is then I'm bound to have an amazing time! Only problem is Emirates doesn't actually fly to this location, but I found a solution. I can fly to other close locations like Cairo in Egypt or Cyprus and then jump on a charter over to Tel Aviv. It may end up costing a little more but I'm sure it's going to be well worth it.

Your Turn:

So there you have it, my top 5. There are a million other places I want to go as well but I feel like I really begin to discover more once I'm actually flying for Emirates. Right now I want to know what your top 5 picks are. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? You don't have to pick 5, maybe just your top choice and share it with all of us here. We love to hear from you!