Gabrielle Bernstein

Follow Your Dreams - #ICDINY13

Follow Your Dreams - #ICDINY13

I met one of my idols at the I CAN DO IT! event I attended here in New York put on by Hay House. Gabrielle Bernstein has been a huge part of my spiritual path and I'm so blessed to have met her finally! My spiritual path has been an up and down one but I feel something is shifting in me. Part of these shifts have already started and it blows my mind how fast the universe works. 

May Cause Miracles

I can't say enough HOW much I love these two woman. Gabrielle Bernstein was first brought into my life by my lovely friend Heather (Fields of Heather photo Mantras) two years ago when she bought "Spirit Junkie" for a family member as a Christmas gift. Fast forward to a April 2011, as I'm perusing the book shelves and pondering what to buy that will feed my soul after my break up with my ex and "Spirit Junkie" jumps out at me. That book helped me through SO much in my process of letting go and also understanding what had really been going on in the relationship. It's an amazing book for anyone who recently went through a break up and needs a little self help advice. Marie Forleo was much more recently brought into my life when I saw her appear along side my girl Gabby and Mastin Kipp (The Daily Love) on Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday." I have since fallen madly in love with this amazing woman and her spiritually driven business ways. 

Quite often Marie sends out videos from her Marie TV online show and today's was bound to be one of my favourites. Her guest was Ms. Gabby Bernstein herself in promotion of her new book "May Cause Miracles: A Guide Book of Subtle Shifts For Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness." I haven't yet picked up the book for myself because I'm quite well on my way to happiness and live every day to the max! I do plan on picking it up though as soon as I'm done the 3 books I'm currently reading.

Through out the whole interview there was great wise words to live by but what really caught my attention was Tithing. I had never heard about this concept before but it's brilliant! I am one of those people who believes that you need to give in order to receive and vice versa. That just means constantly be allowing good will to come to you and accepting it graciously and then turning around and putting some good will back out there. I personally have a bank account labelled "give." At the end of every month I try and put away at least 5% of my total monthly earnings in there in order to give it away in good will. Sometimes this is buying a coffee for a stranger or friend, sometimes it's making a donation to a charity. In today's world Tithing is very similar, but based off of a spiritual reason. You can give whatever amount you wish but it goes toward something or someone who has spiritually fed your soul. It's almost like a "Thank you for being the amazing person you are and teaching me the things in life I needed to know when it mattered the most and for feeding my soul." This is just genius! 

Today I want you to make it a point to try and find a way that you can give to someone strictly because it will make you feel good. Don't attach any ideas about them having to return the favour or anything selfish like that. Just give because it will put a smile on someone's face and it will give back to you joy for being able to put that smile there. I have also attached the episode of Marie TV for you at the bottom so take a watch because it's amazing!

With Gratitude,

Gratitude is a Gift

WOW! I am SO GRATEFUL for Oprah's Life Class tonight. It rekindled a light in me that I had let dim for some reason. I once did a 30 day challenge for myself to blog something positive once every day for 30 days. Well I succeeded in that but then I stopped thinking I was "done" what I had set out to do. I had quite a few people contact me about my blog and how inspired they were after reading it and that really touched me to know people appreciated my words. I now understand that I'm not "done" and I will never be "done" and that from now on I am making a commitment to myself to blog something positive once a day. Think of this as my "gratitude journal." I figure this way not only can I stay in a space of being grateful but I can also share and help others. One of my life goals is to help people live their best life. I'm always trying to guide people to see what they might not be able to with their own eyes, the thing that is right there if they only choose to look. I recently went through a romantic break up and I couldn't believe the sadness and pain (Pay Attention Inward Now) I experienced. This was my first break up of my life and I had no idea what to expect. First I was guided to read "Spirit Junkie" by Gabrielle Bernstein (follow her on twitter) the DAY before the actual break up took place (too perfect). It really helped me understand what I was experiencing and now I can look at it all with loving eyes. I'm SO grateful that I even had the opportunity to experience this beautiful relationship with this amazing man. It got me to see everything from a place of love instead of resentment and anger. Why was I so angry? Because I was holding onto expectation of what I wanted to relationship to be and where I wanted to see it go. Well the UNIverse has a better plan than we can even imagine so once I let go of expectation it gave me room to let in appreciation. I learnt so many lessons over the course of this amazing relationship that can only change my life for the better so how can I be mad at that? How can I be mad at a person for loving me the best way they knew how, NOT the way I wanted them to. That second part was ALL on me and once it clicked, I got it. Life happens not to me, but FOR me. I'm so grateful that I had enough in me to look at everything from a loving point of view. I had so many people tell me how "Sorry" they were for me but I didn't want any part of this! Why are you sorry? Why are we trained to believe that this is suppose to be a bad thing? It was amazing and perfect and exactly what it was suppose to be for me to learn the lessons in life that I needed to learn. People should be happy for me! Happy for the fact that I even had a relationship that was so beautiful to begin with. If I had chose not to learn the lessons and do the self work after then yes that would be a sad thing, because that would mean that I chose sadness over joy. As long as you chose to see the lesson and learn it there will always be joy in your life. Is it still hard, yes a little at times, I'm only still human, but staying in that place wont help me to get back to joy and love. Joy and love are the only two things I want to feel in my life and I make a choice every day of my life that I wake up to feel this way. It's not always easy and it's not always the first choice that I want to make but I do it anyway, you know why? because at the end of my life I want to look back and say "I truly did my best to live and love every moment of my life."

Today I will leave you with this: Challenge yourself to be grateful in every moment and see how you life begins to change for the better.

Grateful Journal of today...
I'm grateful for...
1) The romantic relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend
2) Oprah's Life Class tonight!
3) Having money once again flowing into my bank account
4) Getting my tuxedo sorted out for my Vancouver Men's Chorus show next week
5) Finding out about Rick Hansen's Celebration 25 and having my friend Heather accompany me to it on May 22!