The Discovering Your Truth Personal Development Coaching Program

-Helping align you with what you really want-


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Feeling a little lost and out of alignment? Not sure what the next step is? Or maybe you know what you want but you’re just not sure how to get there? Well, don't fret, because you're not alone! My name is Calan Breckon and I’m a Personal Development Life Coach here to help you. Many people are in the same boat as you are, but with my years of experience and extensive training I'm positive that I can help you adjust course and move in the direction you want to go. Working together we will find out what it is you truly want in your life and then we’ll work to align you with it, one step at a time.

What you can expect to get from my Personal Development Coaching Program

As a Personal Development Life Coach based in Toronto, Ontario, I’ve been supporting individuals from all around the world in their professional and personal transitions and aspirations for a number of years.

My Personal Development Coaching Program has the following option available:

  • Introductory Program: 3 sessions

    - This is best for those looking to get their feet wet but not sure they want to commit

  • Continuing in-depth Program: 7 more sessions

    - only available after completing the introductory program

  • The Full Program: My full 10 session program

    - For those ready to commit all in right away

  • The Keeping on Track Program: 1-2 sessions a month

    - For those who went through my full program and want to continue to work together to make sure they stay aligned with their plans and goals.

A few of the things you can look forward to working through and mastering while going through my Personal Development Coaching Program are:

  • Figuring out what it is you TRULY want from life, trust me, it’s there and we can work together to help you figure it out, I do it all the time!

  • Work-life balance

  • Identifying and setting goals and how to achieve them

  • Communication challenges (personal and workplace)

  • Setting healthy personal and professional boundaries

  • Change in careers

  • Identify self blocks and how to overcome them

  • Increase productivity

  • Improved self-talk

  • Perspective understanding and shifting

  • Self-reflection

  • Positive habits and routine building

Firstly, I’ll work with you to figure out what it is you truly want in life. Once we have that sorted out then I can help you identify and set goals, outline the steps to achieving them, understand your own blockages and map the resources in yourself to find the most efficient way of getting the results you want. I've been helping people increase their productivity, change careers, overcome communication challenges in the workplace, find better work-life balance, bridge the gap between personal and professional goals and understand their own needs and aspirations better.

I could go on forever but the best way to check whether I am the right match for you is to hit that APPLY button and book your Discovery Session TODAY! This is our chance to ask questions, communicate expectations and agree on ways to work together as a team. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Heads up

I only work with emotionally mature people who are genuinely ready to take that next step in life. If you're wondering if us working together is right for you, just ask yourself:

"Am I ready to have an open and honest conversation about where I am now and where I'd like to be in the future? Am I ready to take responsibility for my own life? Am I ready to do the work it’s going to take for me to get unstuck and start moving?"

If the answers to these questions are YES, then don't worry about the "how's," book your Discovery Session and see for yourself just how easy it is to take that next step. Why? Because you're worth it!

I think I’m ready, but I’m not sure yet...

Still not sure if working together is right for you? Well, I suggest you head on over to my Podcast “Discovering Your Truth Talks: Awesome Conversations with Inspiring People” and get to know me a bit better, maybe you’ll even learn some awesome stuff along the way!


*Am I qualified? 100% I am! I have both a Life Coach Certification and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification from The Strategic Life Coaching Academy in the U.K. and I’m also a Certified Life Coach Practitioner™️ from the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) in Canada.

I'm continuously working on upgrading my knowledge and program so that I can provide the very best for my clients.

**Disclaimer: We need to get real here for a moment, because I need you to understand that I will not be solving any of your problems FOR you. However, I will be working WITH you to help solve your problems.. If you don't feel like you can take ownership of a problem, then I can't help you find the best possible solution for it. It's that simple. First you have to be willing to take ownership of your own life and all that is in it before we can come together and find solutions to make positive changes in your life.