Matt Landsiedel: Physical Transformation Coach and Writer

On today's podcast, Physical Transformation Coach and Writer Matt Landsiedel and I talk about his life in recovery after substance abuse, the gay community, and how we can work together to lift each other up.

About today’s Guest

Matt Landsiedel is a transformation coach and writer who specializes in weight loss transformation, emotional eating, addiction recovery, and teaching the art of vulnerability by showing you how to face your fears with courage.

Matt spent 10 years working as an addiction counsellor before transitioning into doing personal training and then weight loss transformation coaching. Matt’s holistic approach incorporates mind, body, and soul into each transformation he is a part of. Transformations with Matt will be just as much about your mindset as it will be about your physical body.

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Matt’s Video on Gay men, sex addiction and the lack of true connection missing in the community

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