Heather Pennell: Co-Founder of Rising Woman, Writer and Trauma-Informed Facilitator of Awakening

On today's podcast, I have a deep conversation with Heather Pennell about the Rising Woman Heal Your Relationships program, deep somatic work that helps you move through your emotions and how you can start healing today, how boys aren't supposed to cry, setting healthy boundaries and much more.

About Today’s Guest

Heather Pennell is a spirit-led mentor, educator, and writer. She is the Co-Founder of Rising Woman and serves as a Trauma-Informed Facilitator of Awakening. Rising Woman is an educational platform offering programs to help people build a healthier relationship to themselves and others. With a growing community of over 740 thousand, their work is clearly making waves in the personal and relational growth community. Her main passions surround understanding and working with trauma, which sits at the root of most of our relational and physical issues. Through the integration of shadow work, conscious communication tools, empathogens and somatic practices she continues to both learn and provide support on these important topics. Heather offers an array of avenues for those seeking to heal and return to a state of peace, understanding and grace in their lives.

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