Thriving in Chaos

Sandy Dow: Creator of "The Dow Effect" Coaching Method and Author of "Thriving in Chaos"

On today's podcast, I talk with author and coach Sandy Dow about her spiritual journey back to self after hitting a wall and having a breakdown in her 40's. Sandy shares tips from her book "Thriving in Chaos" on how to calm our thoughts in this chaotic world and much more.

About today’s Guest

Sandy Dow is a coach, author, intuitive, teacher, and Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She is the creator of a transformational coaching method called “The Dow Effect”, a potent blending of spiritual practices and cutting edge nervous system management techniques, offering revolutionary breakthroughs for her clients.

Sandy’s 25-year background in healthcare, experience teaching spirituality at a local college and working at a addiction facility for adolescent girls provided her with a strong foundation in the helping field. This eventually evolved into a practice providing trauma-sensitive success coaching. Since then Sandy has mentored, taught and coached hundreds of clients international and locally.

Her writing has been published in Elephant Journal and she stays busy sharing her stress management tips on radio, video, and stage. Currently, she can be found backstage providing performance horsepower for TED talk speakers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes, including a multiple award-winning Paralympian.

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